In addition to scholarly articles and book chapters, I have prior experience writing for government, media, and exhibit clients.

Publication type: * Peer-Reviewed / ** Invited


McBride, Melanie. (2018). Tangible Inquiries: A study of aroma materials and sources in the built and botanical environments of Grasse, France
[Download PDF from above link]
My thesis was successfully defended and officially submitted, September of 2017 and published in 2018.

Chapters in books

* Thumlert, K., McBride, M., Tomin, B., Nolan, J., Lotherington, H., Boreland, T. (2023). Algorithmic literacies: Identifying educational models and heuristics for engaging the challenge of algorithmic culture. Digital Culture and Education

* Thumlert, K., Nolan, J., McBride, M. & Chan, H., (2023). Strange Play: Parametric Design and Modular Learning. In A. Kitzmann, C. Thorén, E. Engström and E. Teboul (Eds.) Patch Up! Exploring synthetic sound and modular thought, New York: Routledge.

Nolan, J., & McBride, M. (2022). First Rack: A multimodal discourse analysis of Eurorack module design affordances. In A. Kitzman, C. Thorén, E. Engström and E. Teboul (Eds.) Patch Up!: Exploring synthetic sound and modular thought, Routledge.

Nolan, J., McBride, M., Bellucci, A. Radical AAC and User-Initiated Design.(2022).  In Design for One: Post Universal Design and the New Normal, E. Guffey (Ed.). Routledge.

*McBride, M., & Nolan, J. (2017). Situating olfactory learning: An intersensory pedagogy by design. In Design With Smell. Victoria Henshaw (Ed.). New York: Routledge

**Nolan, J. & McBride, M. (2015). Embodied Semiosis: Autistic Stimming as Sensory Praxis. In The International Handbook of Semiotics. Peter Trifonas, (Ed.) Berlin: Springer.

Extended Abstracts + Conference Proceedings

*Kwan, J., Chu, J. H., Harley, D., McBride, M. & Mazalek, A. (2016). Grasping Cultural Context with Multisensory Interactions. In the proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction. ACM. Eindhoven, Netherlands

*Harley, D., McBride, M., Chu, J. H., Kwan, J. & Mazalek, A. (2016). Sensing Context: Reflexive design principles for intersensory museum interactions. In the proceedings of the 20th annual conference of Museums and the Web. Los Angeles, U.S.A.

*Chu, J. H., Harley, D., Kwan, J., McBride, M. & Mazalek, A. (2016). Sensing History: Contextualizing artifacts with sensory interactions and narrative design. In the proceedings of DIS’16, Conference on Designing Interactive Systems. ACM. Brisbane, Australia

Scholarly articles

McBride, M. (in preparation, forthcoming 2024). ‘Gridlocked: an investigation of the limitations of representational approaches to aromatic learning and literacy.’

McBride, M. (in preparation, forthcoming 2024). ‘Missing materials and modalities: an ethnographic review of the discourse and representation of aromatic expertise.’

*Nolan, J., & McBride, M. (2014). Beyond gamification: reconceptualizing game-based learning in early childhood environmentsInformation, Communication & Society, 1-15.

*Nolan, J., Raynes-Goldie, K., & McBride, M. (2011). Stranger Danger: Exploring Surveillance, privacy and autonomy in children’s use of social media. Canadian Children.

Associate Editor

Egoyan, A., and Balfour, I. (2004). Subtitles: On the foreignness of film. Alphabet City. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Knechtel, J., and Balfour, I. (2002). Lost in the Archive. Alphabet City. Toronto: DAP Press.

Interactive writing

CBC – Digital Archives
In 2002 I researched, wrote and sourced audio and visual selections for the Prix Italia Award winning CBC Digital Archives project: Margaret Laurence: Canada’s Divine Writer – CBC Digital Archives [no longer online]; Springhill Mining Disasters – CBC Digital Archives [no longer online]

Learning Agents Inc.
From 2002 to 2007 I researched, wrote and edited interactive content for a large, interprovincial online occupational resource developed for newcomers and students.

Exhibit Concept Development + Production

Mystus Exhibits
From 2002 to 2006 I was lead writer and researcher for Mystus Interactus, producing content for over 40 original exhibits for clients in Canada, the US, Europe and Saudi Arabia.