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[new publication] Situating olfactory literacies: an intersensory pedagogy by design

I am proud to announce the publication of my chapter with co-author Dr. Jason Nolan “Situating olfactory literacies: and intersensory pedagogy by design” in my late mentor Victoria Henshaw’s highly anticipated final project,¬†Design With Smell. One of the key points we call attention to in this chapter is the important of self-directed learning inquiry that is initiated by the interests, goals and needs of learners rather than claims of expertise. We have also emphasized the role of attribution that is so central to the philosophy of Open knowledge movement given that open culture is more often engaged as a site of consumption and appropriation than recriprocity.

While I was still in the early stages of my doctoral studies when we proposed our chapter (over three years ago), this tentative exploration of ‘olfactory’ pedagogy helped to establish some of the ecological, environmental, structural and material contingencies that¬†afford¬†multimodal learning with aroma that became central themes in my dissertation and current research.